Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Honestly, there is nothing I like better than copying files. So rewarding.


Right now I am in the midst of copying files from backup discs of my old laptop to my new laptop. Well, my new-to-me laptop, anyway.

I have a lot of pictures, and this is very boring.

In the meantime, I'm entertaining myself by reading old blogs and writing this new one. Not that I have anything particularly meaningful to say, however I think it's good to get into the habit of writing every day anyway. Or as close to it as I can manage.

Today was pretty nondescript. Meetings, work, emails, phone calls, pretty run of the mill. I did notice that sometimes I can be rude though. Seriously, when a coworker seems to be doing things inefficiently or isn't catching on as quick as I think they should, I see myself acting kind of rude and mean. Which in some cases is okay, and in others I just end up feeling like a jerk. I tend to think that I have to do everything if it's going to come out right, and no, I don't need anyone to tell me that doing it all myself is impossible. I just want to.

Tonight's going to be another night staying in watching movies. On the one hand, I'm okay with that because we're spending less money that way and on the other hand sometimes I think I am going to go crazy if we spend one more night inside this house. It's a pickle!

Lately I'm of two minds about going out anyway. I have gained like 15 pounds since I was doing really well at the gym and it's depressing. Sometimes I stop and think how ridiculous it is that I am so obsessed with the idea that I'm fat and disgusting and I just wish I could accept myself and believe that even at my present weight I'm still sexy and attractive. I remind myself that a lot of the sexiness factor is all attitude but for whatever reason I can't get it up. Metaphorically speaking.

So at times when I feel that way, staying in is perfectly acceptable. I'm sure it's terribly tiresome to hear about it over and over so I don't really mention it to Band Geek since first of all I don't want to expose all my insecurities, and secondly what is he going to do about it? Agree with me? I can do without that.

It's not like it's all the time anyway. Just recently I've felt it more often than other times.

Anyway I didn't want to turn this into a pity party so I'll stop there. On the whole things are going pretty well at the moment - I'm reasonably happy and aside from going slightly stir crazy, all is pretty right in my world.

Carry on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cheesy poos. yep, you read it right.

TWO in one DAY? Stock up your storm cellars with bottled water and Spam because the end of the world is nigh.

Aside from fond cheesy poof remembrances, today has been a good day. Recently, I've gotten into scrapbooking, of all things. It's my mom's fault. I will say though that it combines three of my favorite things: writing, photography, and creating things with construction paper and glue. It's pretty fabulous.

I've filled three books so far. This is pretty amazing to me because many times I tend to go all gung ho on a new hobby and then kind of lose steam and end up with hundreds of dollars in supplies and zero motivation to actually use said supplies. This particular hobby has been going on for three or four months now, though, and still going strong, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

At any rate, I had this idea that I could take some of my old blogs and turn them into scrapbook pages. I like this idea because so far, though I like the designs I've been creating, the writing has been a little flat. It gets the point across and adequately describes what the page is about, but there's a spark lacking that I have in my blogs and I haven't yet been able to assay onto my scrapbook pages. I'm hoping if I build the page around the writing, I might end up with some really cool stuff.

My first one? The Ode, of course. Generations from now my descendants will know how much I loved cheesy poofs (and can I just say, this keyboard on this laptop I'm using sometimes skips letters and I just wrote 'cheesy poos'). What better legacy can I leave? Seriously.

On other fronts, I am making some small headway in getting the Kid to eat more variety than just hot dogs, cereal and donuts. It's challenging. We had casserole tonight (yes one of my MOST AWESOMEST casseroles) and he complained and bitched and moaned until I finally sent him to bed. He got up and tried twice more to finish, the first time taking 30 minutes before I lost patience, and the second time twenty minutes. He finally finished at 9:30...after dinner was ready at 6:00. Times like these I can't help but trot out the "You know, when I was a kid..."

I always hated that as a kid, and I can't imagine that he likes it any better. There are times, though, that I don't much care.

One thing that I've been excited about lately is taking some kind of trip. Anywhere. All my travels to LA have netted me a respectable frequent flier mile cache, which I plan to use to good effect sometime next year. I'm thinking...Hawaii. I found condos for rent on the beach there for like $95 a night! Cheaper than a hotel AND no pesky maids! Woot!

What else, what else...

The Dog went to the vet and was diagnosed with seborrhea. Apparently this is an allergy related skin problem with no cure, but is manageable. It causes severe flaking and itchiness for the poor dog, who is then scratching and chewing himself all the time. This results in the most god-awful smell and a big bald spot on his butt.

After the trip to the vet, I got some food additive called Missing Link and some special shampoo which I am supposed to use twice a week until the flakiness goes away. He ALSO got a steriod shot to help with the itching. Incredibly, I didn't spend my ENTIRE paycheck on the damn dog but it came close. On the bright side, my house no longer smells like rancid dog and he's got hair back on his butt. So all in all I think we came out ahead there.

Work is going pretty well actually. I got a promotion back in November or something, the one I've been working on for a couple years now. It's been really, truly, totally awesome. I can say that on the whole, I really do love my job. The raise and potential bonuses don't hurt either. :D

Anyway. It's late and I have to get up with the sun tomorrow to take Kiddo to school. He's out on Friday and will be spending the entire week with me, which I am very excited about. I think we'll have casserole every night!

an 'odie' but goodie....(groan)

Twice in a single two week period must be some kind of modern miracle.

Funny thing happened...I was cleaning the kitchen and came across a bag of cheesy poofs. Oh yes. Which of course reminded me of my Myspaz original "Ode to Cheesy Poofs". Nothing would do then, of course, but to go to Myspaz, find the Ode, and post it here. It's actually almost as funny now as it was when I wrote it the first time. At least, it makes me snort coffee out my nose, so I'm calling it good.

Ode to Cheesy Poofs

Orange lips never looked so good
Pursed, in full and salty-greasy glory
At my reflection in the mirror

You can tell from the orange on my fingertips
And the smudges, maybe, on my jeans
That I have been naughty

Let us not forget L'il Smokies
Tiny, tasty sausages, swimming in fat,
Cradled in grease. Yummy!

I wrap them in a paper towel
In a vain effort to reduce cholesterol
(To no visible effect).

And of course no more french fries
No more deliciously golden, delicate crispiness
To delight my nose and tastebuds

Salt-encrusted and dripping in ranch
No more shall they cross my salivating palate
Oh, the tragedy.

Oh! Doritos and french onion dip
My sad eyes linger longingly on you
Whilst I traverse the supermarket

Glumly gazing at my healthy cucumbers
Broccoli, skim milk, low fat, non fat, non salt
These can never take your place, my loves

O cheesy poofs, O cheesy poofs, why can't you just be healthy?
More non-fat, more slimming, less messy, less salty,
Less likely to pack yourselves upon my hipbones

I miss your sweet, seductive whisper.

~The End~

Monday, June 7, 2010

just stuffs.

Is it wishful thinking to think that changing my template will make me want to post more blogs? One can hope.

Jeez, so much has changed since my last post I don't know if it's even worth trying to go back and do a year in review. Who cares, right? Let's go forward instead.

This week has been the week of old friends on Facebook. It's so neat to hear from people that I've lost touch with over the years, and strangely titillating to browse through their photos and catch up on what I've been missing.

My best friend from 10 years ago, for instance, just friended me tonight. I went to look at her profile, and lo and behold she's got two absolutely adorable daughters and is still married to the same guy. I feel totally guilty that I missed all of that - she was there for me when The Kid was born and I totally flaked out on her. It's sad to miss stuff like that, because when I feel cut off from everyone and lonely, sometimes I have no one to blame but myself.

Other than connecting with Facebook friends and attempting my frist blog in a year, I'm planning a trip to LA on Wednesday, coming back Thursday. These short trips are exhausting! This one should be good though, I'm taking the team out for a happy hour that I had to flake on last time I was there. I'm sure they will extract their vengeance in alcohol measured by the liter, so I guess I can't feel too bad.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. Relaxed, calm, confident. It's nice.